Solar Water Heater

Discoterm is a direct heating storage solar water heater with natural water circulation. The inside surface of the tank is coated with enamel. Disco- term provides users with domestic hot water, exploiting solar energy and it can be used independently or as a back-up to conventional hot water systems.

Discoterm is:

  • Ecological, because it is pollution free and environmentally safe.
  • Easy to be installed: thanks to its frame it can be located everywhere.
  • Cheap and economical in installation and maintenance. It needs neither electrical supply nor electrical components such as: storage batteries, pumps and control boxes.
  • Reliable


Product model no: SS-DT-134
Empty weight: 64kg
Connection cold/hot:  3/4"
Anode plug:  1 1/4"
Collector Area:  0,966 m2
Pressure Relief valve:  7 bar
Working pressure:  6 bar
Max. Testing pressure:  9 bar
Heat loss coefficient:  6,85 W/K
Mechanical load:  1000 kg / cm2
Temperature range:  from -20 to 90oC
 Dimension 1 pcs: 115x115x500mm